engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.

Time, age, experience and what we view as failures can leave us pensive; rethinking choices. Great accomplishments and pride in our children often evoke us into great deep thought. Thought can capture us in questioning our past choices and motives. Pensive”ness” can leave you stuck, motionless; doubting life, your self and others.

Is reflection necessary? Does it help or does it hurt? Working in the field where I assist others in processing their feelings and emotions I find that sometimes it can help. Sometimes it helps me to reflect on a session with someone and think what could I have done better. What underlying meanings may I have missed?  Then there’s personal life or a matter of being a business owner and those thoughts begin to do the opposite. They begin to bring up possibilities of failure and disappointment. They erode good thoughts of relationships and opportunities. They evoke fear.

In the end I suppose it’s a matter of the end result. Does your pensive view bring out productivity or impotence.



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