Letting go of control

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed when you’re tired.  Here I am tired and instead of resting I’m choosing to take a bath.  As I sit and unconsciously think about being tired, I can feel my body’s ability to easily produce tears if needed.

The thing is I currently do not have anything pressing to do.  I can choose to take a nap as my ten day old baby is doing right now.  Instead, I’m choosing to take a bath and read.

Emotions are tricky.  They are convincing.  They are manipulative.  Instead of focusing in the task at hand, when we’re emotional we focus on all the tasks we could be doing, should be doing, want to be doing.  We plummet our thoughts in so many places until we tire our minds; thereby exhausting our emotions and shutting down our brain and body. 

How do we avoid this?  The answer: FOCUS not feelings! Focus on the beauty of the present moment.  Focus on the fact that in that moment you’re still here.  Focus on listening for God to guide your next move.  If you let him create the itinerary you’re less likely to tire yourself to exhaustion.  The lyrics to one of my favorite songs reads:

And the burden feels like a feather
When I let my agenda die

-Tenth Avenue North “What you want”

We attempt to gain control because we feel that things will turn out best when we handle them ourselves.  The reality is that when we let loose of control God can orchestrate things just as he planned, utilizing the vessels he has prepared to help us along the way.  

“Let go of your concerns! Then you will know that I am God. I rule the nations. I rule the earth.” (Psalm 46:10 GW)

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