Mental bondage? Then or now?


Since the boom of social media, opinions have been running rampant.  Everyone is an expert on another person’s life, choices, or even a national news event or celebrity.  While on facebook, I was somehow led to a page where there was a long status in regards to Christianity.  Here I will give my “opinion” on the opinion of that person’s status.  I will be taking quotes from that status and elaborating on them. 

The status, written by a black person, started by doing exactly what it attempted to point out others have been doing before time, degrading black people.  They began by saying “my people don’t think”.  My inner most parts cringe when I hear or read this statement and I am utterly clueless as to what the person even meant – that because the person has a difference of opinion they somehow don’t think. Maybe “your” people don’t but I do and I know many others that do.  Even those with different views do, they just don’t “think” the same as I do, which enables us to have an intelligent conversation that can stimulate growth and movement on other levels.  The quality of relationships can move past surface discussions to acceptance and understanding of others and their systems.

The individual went on to say that the “white man gave “us” Christ to enslave our mind”.  I find that mind boggling in that despite the slaves believing in the word they still sought freedom and fought relentlessly for their civil rights.  Unlike society today, they fought not only for themselves but for their family, their neighbor, the future (“Us”).  Our minds today appear to be more “enslaved” than any other time in history.  Oppression appears to run deep today in a time when there is freedom to enjoy the simpler things in life, however many choose to dwell more on what they believe they don’t have and deserve rather than the sacrifices made for them to walk in clarity and equality.  Name brands, celebrities, and reality television have enslaved us this day and age more than slavery ever could have enslaved the conscious “woke” black pillars of the past.  There was an attempt to break the bond and spirits of these beautiful rich souls with work and backlash but time has proved that we are more broken by our own desires to have things of those we admire rather than by the actions of another race. 

Was slavery God’s way to spread Christianity?

The last point that stuck out to me was the statement that read “If you think Christianity is the right religion for you as a black person you subconsciously agree and are grateful for slavery and racism…”

Maybe I am grateful for slavery because I know that hard times bring forth fruit and harvest.  What example and pride would we have were it not for slavery? How would we know just how ungrateful we are were it not for those hardships of those before us?  What about abusive parents who push Christianity on us? Does it make it different because we have the same skin tone/color? 

Our parents, family, teachers, pastors, and a host of other influencers in our life teach us a lot of things.  They bring us new information, they challenge some old information, and they help to shape us into the thinkers we are.  With all the info brought to us, we ultimately choose which info we choose to retain and believe.  In the end, Christianity is a choice just as not being a Christian is a choice.  We can all agree that we read books to educate ourselves on one subject or another.  Then we make a choice to accept the knowledge of that book or not.  The same is true for the bible or any other literature of religion.  Those who chose to believe in Allah, some other form of higher power, or even nature itself received the information about that particular choice from a book.  The difference I find is that the only time there is open condemnation on a person’s worship choice is when they “Choose God”.  Why is that?

Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,

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The Subconscious Influence

As a society our view of freedom is very skewed.  We want freedom to mean no one gets to tell me what to do or I do as I please but in actuality freedom simply means we have a choice.  We are free to make choices that shape our world daily.  Even with all this “freedom” we still feel trapped.  That is because our choices in freedom are usually attached to the expectations of “society”, our family, or our closest friends.  Our freedom is shackled from our ankles to the ankles of those we desire to spend time with.  We desire the freedom to be like others.  That lifestyle plays right into the entertainment industry.  We adapt our dress from the era, our vernacular, and our views.

As technology and “times” advance, the provocations are less than subtle as they once were.  There are hints of sex, sexuality, and other forms of vulgarity laced in music, television, and even cartoons.  Even shows deemed as “family shows” are sketchy.  Cartoons are created with messages that go over children’s heads gearing towards the intellect of adults.  My question is why is such humor needed in a show that is geared towards children.

I truly believe that even these hints of ideas plant seeds into our children.  As a selective parent I often feel stifled because there are so many limited newly introduced “kid” movies that I can safely allow my kids to see.  Even Disney movies have to be closely monitored these days.  Over the past year there have only been approximately 2 movies I have felt comfortable taking my children to see at the movies.  Even so when those shows are turned into series I sometimes have to restrict their view of them as well.

So often we deem TV and music as just entertainment.  However, both create a “moment”.   A moment is all it takes to arouse an emotion in our fleshly human nature.  A certain feel of the sun can evoke a moment/sensation/arousal that stirs up an urge in me to want to go shopping.  A moment in time, a thought, a memory can evoke in me the desire to go to a specific time in my past. A smell, a look, a “hurt”.   We are people of feelings and emotions and entertainment is meant to evoke a certain feeling or emotion. Often times we are unaware of our vulnerabilities that are stroked by these very instances of entertainment.

Our desire to be loved and belong lends quickly to conformation.  Our human nature is so inept to the core of our need for acceptance that we do not even notice the impressions these forms of art play into our lives.  We want so deeply to believe that we can control the influences the outside world has on us.  We want to believe we are stronger than the seeds that are planted in our minds.  But how can a plant grown into anything other than the seed that is nurtured in it’s roots? How can we grow into anything other than the “ideas” we feed ourselves on a daily basis.  If our bodies produce an outward appearance based on the food we eat, we can conclude that the same is true of our character.  It can only produce outward behaviors based on the elements (books, tv, music) we use to nurture it as well.

So while we are free to choose what we feed into our psych, we don’t necessarily get to choose how much influence that particular medium will hold on our thoughts.

Proverbs 4:23

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Sufficient Are the Troubles of Today

Running thinking about if my husband took baby out her bed or let her work through it to go to sleep. The Lord told me worrying about what you cannot control or even change at the moment is distracting you from your goal. You keep slowing down and giving in delaying your progress because your mind is occupied. Stay focused on the task at hand. Do the rest later: at its appointed time. Amen.

Sorry to say, this is the story of my life. When I’m here I’m thinking about what needs to be done there. Working out a schedule of what, when, how everything else needs to be done. My focus is much like the overfill in my car….scattered. I literally think my self tired. I’m so busy thinking about the next move, in the middle of what I’m doing, that when I get to a place of rest I’m exhausted. There’s a saying we all know….there’s a time and place for everything. And I really believe that’s true. Thinking about what was going on at home as I ran took me away from focusing on my breathing. It took me away from focusing on my form. It took me away from focusing on my stride and my goal at that moment. Wondering about what was happening at home when I wasn’t there was pointless and literally got me nowhere in regards to those thoughts. It only got me off track and behind on the task at hand.
You might think….its only exercise or you’re not an Olympic runner what does it matter. Well the mind is tricky like that. Its not just when the mind is idle that it wonders/worries or wanders. The mind can be busy and occupied and still meander. Its gets you off track. It leaves other things to idle and remain undone.  It takes away from the enjoyment and productivity of the task at hand.

The bible tells us not to worry about what we shall eat or for anything of tomorrow for that matter because the Lord knows everything that we need.  If he knows all my needs, wouldn’t it be safe to say he knows the needs of my husband and daughter as well.  Do I trust Him to work all things out for our good?

As wives we want our homes to run smoothly.  However, it’s difficult for the home to run smooth if we need our hand in every decision and every situation.  It’ll be pretty difficult for things to run smooth if we are ran down with exhaustion.  There’s no need to demand a need for rest if when we are away we focus on what’s going on at home rather than rest and relaxation.

When we fail to trust our husband to fulfill his role as husband and father, we are really failing to trust God who holds everything in His hands.  Our actions are saying, Lord you are not capable of making sure the home runs smoothly when I am away.  They are giving the impression that we are in fact the ones that are in control of our own lives and the lives of our family as well.  When we put trust into action in our home, we send the idea that God is in control and we begin to leave room for our family members to grow in all the areas we pray for them in.  Step out on faith today by entrusting your life and family with Him.


Matthew 6:31-32

“Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.